ElRey Niffen

I'm a #husband and a #father with a #passion for #writing. 

#poems #poetry #poem #amwriting #horror #love #romance #comedy #life #struggle #create #different #original

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New Years Deal
a year ago
What a wonderful way to welcome new year's day. We all have a drink in our hand and listening to a great band. The only issue so far is the strange man by the bar. He has been watching my friends and ...
The Tyranny
a year ago
The Tyranny on this land today is a repeat of history, yet we are so blind to see. Our economy is in a drought and the poverty is on a rise as we watch our mother flood these lands with her tears. Ope...
The Dead
a year ago
In the dark, I hear a knocking sound from my door, as I open it there's no one around. I go back to bed, only for a drip to land on my head. Impossible it seems, because not a soul is in the apartment...
Lost Soul
a year ago
The blood flows like a river after a thunderstorm, the rain washing it down stream. In the echo of thunder you hear the fallen’s screams as the sky's are filled with the lost dreams. My gun still smok...
Evil's Defeat
a year ago
I have spoken to the devil, I showed him I'm above his level. Something deep inside had been awoken in this pen I have the power. Told the devil to look me in the eyes like a man, no way I'll back dow...
Join the Murder
a year ago
The crow calls to me from outside my window as it's in the tree perched for it is I that it has searched. The crow is my personal invite to the murder because it's clear I have lost my sight of wrong ...