ElRey Niffen

I'm a #husband and a #father with a #passion for #writing. 

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That Feeling
a year ago
You know that feeling you get when you look into her eyes, it's so alluring. Driving the inner lust turning the thoughts to one of an amorist. They light the flames of your desire like an arsonist for...
Heavenly Love
a year ago
Heaven is always a dream away but with you in my arms it's in that moment I'll pray to stay. When it comes to you I'm under an enchantment. Love getting lost into your doe eyes they render me immobili...
Today's Sheep
a year ago
They come in masses like flies to molasses or government for taxes. In the dark some wait and once you've noticed them it's already too late. We are their prey, with laws and rules blindly making us o...
a year ago
Stuck in this snowstorm in this small one horse town without a way to get around. The police took my drivers license for no insurance even though they had no evidence. Now I'm stuck without a job feel...
I'm Hungry
a year ago
I'm hungry I won't give up hear my words as they fly like birds. I'm hungry got This fire fueled by desire I'm hungry for success and I will not settle for nothing less. I'll be on top it's not in me ...
Dracula Remains
a year ago
The darkness fills the room, yet I do not fright for I have a great sight. A past life comes to sight, for he only awakens in the moonlight. He is the first child of the night, his wings give him flig...