Eliza Gayle

just trying this whole “writing thing” out. 

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It’s Okay
5 months ago
It’s okay that you are quiet. You don’t always have to entertain. And I know your mind is so busy, with the thoughts that caused you so much pain. I know you lay awake at night, and cry from racing th...
A Brief Infatuation
5 months ago
It was a short infatuation but a radiant one one that lit me up inside. you were bright and magnetic. I used to think: “I could fall in love with you…” but that was in fact far too soon to say. and I ...
6 months ago
walking along the wooded path i thrush and thrash the grass away— i see decay in every way. i hum a sweet tune and— think of June; the lonesome-lazy-summer-haze. and off there goes a leaf in the wind—...