Edens Fleurizard

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Grit = Passion + Perserverance
a year ago
There's so many things to do in this world, and yet it seems everyone wants the same thing And in an age of competition, everyone is grabbing what they see Anything they feel they can get their hands ...
Wild Boy
a year ago
Wild boy wild boy “damn, you wild boy” “Don’t twist your hair, for you won’t be my child boy” “Don’t get anyone pregnant, stay away from the police, keep your nose clean, don’t ever get high, boy” “I ...
Black Lives Matter
2 years ago
All. Lives. Matter. Really? Because you’re genuinely scared of the police Because you can do everything right, and still get shot Whether you’re lying on your back, or handcuffed, on your knees. Becau...
Education: A Forbidden Fruit
2 years ago
We need to invest in our future We need to take care of our youth We need to foster their minds, mentally feed our youth We have to complete our youth because we need our youth We need to give them th...
Dirt... The Black Woman... Life
2 years ago
The black woman is dirt Yes. Ah yes, you heard me right, I said: the black woman is dirt But before you go up in arms listen to what I have to say first The black woman is indeed dirt I say this in al...