I'm writer/author/ghost writer based in Bali, Indonesia. I love traveling, diving, mountains & photography. My principle,"Life is not just for breathing!" My email : [email protected] , happy to share :)

Indonesia, Since I Know You
6 months ago
Since I know you As a breath of heaven in my life Since I know you As a single identity of my pride Since I know you As the soul of my national anthem Since I know you As a world, the beginning of all...
Chasing Shadows
7 months ago
Walking in black clouds Touching the dark place The river hides fears Seasons fighting for life Rains screaming on cry Weather stand half breath Soul going from wild Eyes didn't feel right Feelings un...
Unlocked Soul
7 months ago
You were not the book I thought I'd write Letters can't be read behind the cloudy night The lines wasn't enough to reach height You were the darkness it wasn't right A home in an unknown city not to f...
A Wild Flower
7 months ago
Starts again in the morning Voice, face and your choice Where outside body in the soul Perfect picture as your beginning A journey to the land of love Naked soul is a must read They won't tell you fai...
Kiss the Rain
7 months ago
Listening to the rain A sweet noise to hear Fell into a river voice Missed faces never seen On those rainy days The canvas blanket talk deepest Distant voices speak faintly Forgotten romance fairy tal...
Dear Friends
7 months ago
Think of you Thinking of the moon and night Do you know where we going? Or we have been lost as well? We walk, dream and counting stars The future seems dark as the night As we are together in miles E...