I'm writer/author/ghost writer based in Bali, Indonesia. I love traveling, diving, mountains & photography. My principle,"Life is not just for breathing!" My email : [email protected] , happy to share :)

Candle Light of City
3 hours ago
When the sky grows dark in rainy days From a window you wishing stars in crowds Standing in the sea of people shouting silently Legend story like a king in castle destiny When the rain preferred over ...
Stray Walkers
a day ago
Cycle of life brings some hard choices Sometimes more easily silent than telling others Mistakes are a part of being human That's why people stand up for lots of reasons As the day goes and the sun fa...
Blind Stones
3 days ago
To the soul trapped in the empty promise space The soul that easily judges everyone with closed eyes The soul that quickly believes without seeing the truth Will your soul be able to listen in the dar...
Twilight's Secrets
3 days ago
For the gentle wind on the seventh heaven A traveler came by silently goes invisibly line From the richest heart hidden the fire angers Breathe in a secret world as well as lies flying straight ahead ...
Guardian Angel of Dreams
7 days ago
Rain closing night carrying a message Greet the dream to come closer Eyes being closed to open the door of the soul Fly freely, paint a paradise never seen by the world Stars keep smiling behind a bla...
The Traveler
17 days ago
The letter you wrote from the top of the mountains To reach the sky takes a million dreams that crazy alive Maybe the mist will cover part of your way to going up But the stairs are there to always sh...