Dylan Long

I am a college student currently attending Boise State University. Up until now, my freshman year, I always struggled with creative writing. But now I have finally decided to change that. I plan to write in a broad spectrum so stay tuned!

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A Life Changing Moment
5 months ago
She walks in a swift breeze is amidst A chilling feeling Quite eccentric My neck hairs stand Goosebumps all over I’m nervous Am I good enough Low self-esteem Low self confidence That’s not attractive ...
Lover Girl
5 months ago
The sweet melody Of you in my ear I’m a strong man But still I shed a tear So beautifully graceful So intricate Makes me want to be More intimate I’m in love Oh, so passionate You’re a beauty And comp...
A Red Rose
5 months ago
A red rose Naturally red So beautiful And pure-bred A black rose Not natural color But magnificent Makes emotions whir The red rose Does not care About the façade It’s truly rare It does not break It ...
October Girl
5 months ago
It’s a brisk October night She was standing with a smile That made the dark sky Bright; oh, what a sight Her eyes so pure They make the sky look gray Just one little glance And you’re trapped with no ...