Dyl Elner

Just a wanna-be writer, not much else. 

Dry Red Witch's Brew
10 months ago
Here’s why I Usually drink red wine Dry. I met a blonde witch At the ball, Where we danced a light swing And drank a few glasses of wine Too many. She dragged me by my Necktie to her Secret chamber, I...
Doorway Bums
a year ago
The city is a different place After hours. Free from the prying eyes of Tourists and office workers, The natives of the streets take over. The bums sleep rough Out of sight under the viaduct And in th...
Modern Art
a year ago
There's no such thing As good modern art. While some fellows at the gallery Make some work of substance Others make complete nothings All for the sake of nothingness, And I'm expected to Call it art. ...
a year ago
It’s 3 PM I just finished sleeping off A hangover. I got four hours to kill until My shift starts At the guard house At the garage on Canal Street. No food in the house So I drove to Tony’s Supermarke...
The Bar Piano Man
a year ago
He wakes up around 2:30 on a weekday, Five PM on a Saturday. If he has to, he gets up to take a piss If not, he stays in bed a while longer To jack off. Once he gets his lazy ass out of bed, He Shits,...
On My Own
a year ago
On my own Against the tempest With the roar of I-55 The smell of latakia. Old Glory, God Shed his Grace On thee! Tangled against the ramp Until the poll snaps again. Then the Old Man next door comes h...