Duanyell Williams

I wanna be a ding-dang bard๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ™Œ

2 days ago
It's fine Really For me to expect more would be silly I chase any shining soul that catches my eye with my hand outstretched Holding my still beating Black-blood bleeding heart I seek to corrupt a wor...
2 days ago
Let me hack through your mind like it's a goddamn thicket You're not wicked Just get some rest Drench my chest Don't stress Drop your heavy boulder I'll lend you my shoulder Let me get closer Don't pu...
Apple of My Eye
20 days ago
All that weird shit I talk about apples is dead Now I'm seeing more than red Jaded by a poisoned gilded apple I'm sick and turning green With no hope of immortality The grey tree that bore fruit charm...
Dog Walker
a month ago
Nothing means as much to me as you But you've changed my world's hues Edge to edge is grey Eroding and frayed when you leave me dismayed I prayed I prayed I prayed that you would give me stability But...
a month ago
You can have me when you want me Even if I'm just a toy, flaunt me You're free of flaws Your words are my laws and I'm forever yours If it leaves your lips I'll lose my grip on what's sure I'll even g...
Ride with Me
a month ago
The sun's just setting and I'm sitting on the back of my all black Wrangler Thinking... Thinking about where to go when I skip town tonight... Thinking about how big of a mess to make before I do... R...