Duanyell Williams

I wanna be a ding-dang bard๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ™Œ

12 days ago
There's this porcelain deity with raven hair and eyes I could drown in... I think she's the most beautiful girl in our town I always see her around and I've always wanted to say something to her... Bu...
13 days ago
I'll never be tamed... Tied to a post in a neat backyard with a leash of greenbrier The vine would tear into my neck, Beheading me as I'd try to run into the forest... I'd rather be a gory cadaver tha...
Thanks, Thelms
13 days ago
I've always thought of myself as being a little bit "off." I interacted with other people anyways... Made friends. But, still... Something was wrong... I couldn't quite open myself to anyone... My voi...
20 days ago
Humanity was the sermon The town roared their approval while I preached I said what I wanted Only what I felt was right. No one objected No one tried to stop me Or even correct me On the contrary... T...
23 days ago
I'm like a Father I'm the head of the house Cheif of the tribe I'm a holy mystic A glowing shaman I expand worlds when I give secret books I'm a guide to the 888 Wonders of the Universe I make timeles...
23 days ago
My will is primordial My being dates before time The world is mine I was born a giant Born to impose I'm impulsive and I can't be stopped. My parents tried to tamper with my spirit as a child... I had...