Driany Galvao


For My Mom
9 days ago
The most vivid memory I have of my childhood is the time I embraced my artistic ability. A black sharpie in one hand and an insatiable desire to create the image that my mind had constructed in collab...
Speak Easy
9 days ago
There must be a language without words. Just pure gibberish, somehow understood in the little space in your chest, the corner where heart meets lung where love meets breath. You know that feeling when...
The Flowers by the Window
9 days ago
The flowers by the window Remind me of you. You always sat by the window. You said you wanted to soak up the sun. I said there are more important things to do. The flowers by the window Remind me of u...
Hidden in Paper
10 days ago
Origami is what I call my poetry. Because it is mountain fold, valley fold hidden in paper. In every dotted i and crossed t there is a story, many of which are yet to be discovered. I pray I am given ...