Dominique Lewis

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Your Moment
5 months ago
This is a period of time Where only this is happening and you can't escape Where a moment comes and goes and you are presently in it Where now is special yet ever-changing And yesterday or tomorrow ar...
Regaining Our Humanity
a year ago
A gaze of awestruck beauty Reaching far beyond the scope of man Wonder If we knew how much we needed each other We would be a flame of fire Not of destruction but love The type of unity that has a fou...
a year ago
I have tasted and seen And somehow it seems to me That everything I've invested in Has come back void Deep inside I know These hands were made to create Not to destroy The dream that sprouts When flow...
A Lion's Love
a year ago
The only way you can get to me is if you swim through the ocean of my tears Swim through my brokenness and swim through my fears You might meet an animal who'll throw you a spear But even then you sti...
Normal People Scare Me
a year ago
At least they haven’t noticed my fear A vicious animal with his mouth open Jaws unlocked ready to devour Yet his appetite only hungers for my mind Parched but solely thirsts for my thoughts I cannot s...