Docyele Llenretep

Mystic, Empath, Shaman, Reiki Practitioner, Exorcist, Occultist, Poet, Writer, Healer, and Hermit. I am called many things, by many names, with many titles, but you may call me Docyele. I practice many different paths and observe all I see.

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A Vision of a New World
10 months ago
An automatic writing that was given to me from a higher source. I would like to share it with you all.
10 months ago
A Tribute to the Poetic Styling of E. Poe
If Soul Was a Canvas
10 months ago
I've been painting pictures so I guess call my life a canvas Man this hand just doesn't want to work for me Unraveling dreams Piscean tendencies That same canvas blank I'd keep it that way if I was Do...
10 months ago
Oh she was unfaithful dressed in all black And I was the mad hatter wearing my top hat Said she was toxic yeah I know that What's knew? I'm just stuck in the blue Who knew that I didn't really know yo...
An Ode to a Story Untold
10 months ago
Free-Form Poetry About Existence, History, and Existentialism