Didi Menendez

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I write about isolation.

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There Goes a Green Torino
19 days ago
I will be here sitting on this pavement on this block in this neighborhood with my legs crossed with a dog with another dog with his bone in front of my house in front of the mammoth sunflowers drinki...
Ode to My Mojo
19 days ago
Hey Mojo! Where’d you go? I didn’t realize you were gone until I noticed I had lost the spring in my step. I was knocking myself against walls. I was tripping over the dog. I was petting myself. I was...
21 days ago
I wonder if he talks about Hockney to others or if he just does that with me? And what if I wanted to just brush black circular motions like a long playing vinyl record onto a canvas as I listen to Ha...
The Elephant in the Room
24 days ago
It starts with the bagpipes. The distant sound of horses' hooves, the wind shuffling through the birches. Young men running naked through the thorny bushes. A girl drawing John Lennon on a cardboard. Her mother weaving threads through a Singer sewing machine stopping to oil the crank. The squeaky bottle spilling a drop onto a garment. A cough. The gray sorrowful faces from the television. Memorizing the lyrics to a Beatles' song. Rocky Raccoon. Gideon's bible. Her father's razors rusty. Phlegm c...