Dhanesh Mistry

I live life with a unique swing.

I don't let people influence what I think.

I love vintage things but technology is fantastic.

I love cars and travelling.

Free spirit.

Love poetry and true stories.

Love photography and detailed art.

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9 months ago
The rumble of rhythm, Is all that I'm feeling, The silence between songs, The intense is killing. This feeling is unique, Noone can hear you speak, Just the beat you can hear, So enjoy whilst your the...
10 months ago
Today is a day I stand before you to live this life I didn't choose, Would you be okay if it was a game? In which the aim was to lose? Your created by love and brought in this life to seek a path that...
10 months ago
I went to play pool one day, to commemorate what we did, She's just as good as me, You done well there kid. It was hard driving to our place, To play the game we used to play, Parking up in the same s...
Nuovi Inizi
a year ago
I had to do things to make you see, And make a change to realise. But the for coming weeks will be, And you will see with your real eyes. That you can't keep being cold, Or acting like it's a normal t...
Mātā anē Pita
a year ago
I've not showed you this poem, And you may never see it. I don't want the attention, So don't rush to read it. I'm not always home, Just know that I care, I love you so dearly, And I'll always be ther...
Mērā Parivāra
a year ago
There's something I need to say, And it's going to be sad. I'm about to say bye, And I'm feeling really bad. I never thought this would happen, And in no way am I glad. But I need to fix up, To stop m...