Dhanesh Mistry

I live life with a unique swing.

I don't let people influence what I think.

I love vintage things but technology is fantastic.

I love cars and travelling.

Free spirit.

Love poetry and true stories.

Love photography and detailed art.

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11 days ago
Today is a day I stand before you to live this life I didn't choose, Would you be okay if it was a game? In which the aim was to lose? Your created by love and brought in this life to seek a path that...
11 days ago
Inedito (Unpublished) We are the same, We are quite cute, Nothing to blame, We must dispute. I try to restrain, As things can't progress, The guilt and the pain, The building of mess. I don't feel no ...
Nuovi Inizi
a month ago
I had to do things to make you see, And make a change to realise. But the for coming weeks will be, And you will see with your real eyes. That you can't keep being cold, Or acting like it's a normal t...
Mātā anē Pita
a month ago
I've not showed you this poem, And you may never see it. I don't want the attention, So don't rush to read it. I'm not always home, Just know that I care, I love you so dearly, And I'll always be ther...
Mērā Parivāra
2 months ago
There's something I need to say, And it's going to be sad. I'm about to say bye, And I'm feeling really bad. I never thought this would happen, And in no way am I glad. But I need to fix up, To stop m...
2 months ago
Just something to cheer you up, Because you make me smile. I wanted to write one poem for you, But have waited for a while. Only as others point fingers, And give us a profile. I really can't believe ...