Dena Marie

Writing is not only therapeutic but an essential asset of creative expression 🦋

A Moment
5 months ago
You pull me in close kissing the back of my ear running your fingers down my neck, chest, stomach, thighs hearing your breathing get heavier the faint rhythm of your heartbeat your beard brushing up a...
5 months ago
Chocolate leaves me with a sweet residue in my mouth comforting me from the inside out enticing my senses feeling in love making me want more causing a conflict of need vs desire an ongoing struggle I...
5 months ago
You’re too sensitive they said you need to stop feeling everything so deeply perhaps they are right I thought. Closing my eyes I see warm vivid colours all around me fading into a cold palette of grey...
Rose Tinted
5 months ago
Your game of hot and cold leaves me tired and numb I know this sunken feeling in my stomach as I’ve felt it many times before swept up in an idyllic day dream with you until I am feeling comfortable a...
I Liked Myself More Before I Met You
5 months ago
I liked myself more before I met people like you chasing me with sweet words which tug on this vulnerable string pulling down the curtain I’ve made until you can see everything in its rawest existence...