Declan Nieradka

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The Mind and The Inner Self
a year ago
A void of which none can see but oneself In its trueness, it may reveal ones deepest secrets... fears... desires. There is a path therein ones mind. One that is seldom traveled down. One that none may...
Path of the Angel of Death
a year ago
O Angel of Death, dear Azrael, You are greater than the Fear of Hell. Of thy name "The Help of God", Many sing of Holy Laud. Though many fear your God-given Might Many look to you for much Insight. Yo...
a year ago
Natural to the Human Heart; And in some ways, it is an Art. Indescribable when it's true. Yet sometimes said in words of few. Though Stress and Turmoil it can create, It may sometimes pay off by means...
Spirit of Battle
a year ago
The Warrior's Soul is his blade. His true Essence shall never fade. When two brave Souls clash in battle, Throughout the land, echoes rattle. Through rush of battle many are slain. Through Honor, thei...
Don't Do It!
a year ago
Depression is a serious thing It's just like song you cannot sing. A song where every person has a story to tell. But its hard to put to words, 'cause their minds are in Hell. Don't judge. You don't k...
Never Again
a year ago
Imagine you get the world and the world betrays you. You stand there, empty and alone, wondering "who knew?..." "Who knew this would happen to me... God... why me? I was so involved with love.... I co...