Davina Zacharias

I tell stories for a living; I wait tables to make money. 

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A Dream Named Neil
a year ago
it’s 1:05pm; i don’t know what time i awoke this morning but when i first checked the clock it was 10:13 and i was already in despair because it was over. i can’t tell you how long i’ve been painting ...
Things About the David Boy
a year ago
he has a big nose, but he makes it work. I've known him for four weeks, so I don't know what colour his eyes are but I understand enough about his heart to know that they, his eyes, are probably unive...
Three Expression Tips For New Poets
a year ago
I want to start this post off with the disclaimer that in no way am I trying to teach people how to write poetry. Systematic, routine poetry is not poetry at all, and therefore, genuine poetry cannot ...