David Niewoehner

Published Poet, Creative Writer, Story Teller. I am a Disabled Veteran Who has some time to be a little creative and help my family all at the same time. Love to use my imagination and maybe help others do the same.


The Speechless Suitor
9 months ago
Ode to be, this is a dream. With her, my heart pounds. To taste those sweet moments that surrond her. With reverent calm, I beseech. Unto Deafness, my words fall, for they, WERE NEVER SPOKEN ! Oh Cira...
A Scent of the Past
9 months ago
The memory which coalesced as the light of a candle freshly lit, slowly invaded my mind. It was not so much as the memory, as it was, the smell. Lost in some ephemeral place and time was the memory, y...