David Ireland

David Ireland is a writer, broadcaster, musician and artist. 

David also works under the pseudonym Cas Greenfield and with the Electro band Kuhl

Follow David's work as Cas at www.casimirgreenfield.com

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6 hours ago
I was greener in those early days But you set my soul on fire Your touch ravaged my existence With so much more than your desire I cannot think about a future Where you and I divide I'll keep you clos...
Hot Water Bottle
a day ago
I’m gonna be your hot water bottle On a long, cold winter night I’ll be your bed-sock baby When we turn out all the lights You say your colder than me But I know it's just not true I’ may be a little ...
Here and Now
a day ago
here and now there’s no time for anything but we’ve gotta make time for us i’m in a hotel room somewhere in a Black Forest Chateau just poured off of the tour bus so I’m holed up in this hotel room i’...
Someone Stole My Summer
2 days ago
Someone Stole My Summer The fruit is rotting in the orchard The grass is yellowing in the rain The days are shorter than they once were Someone stole my summer again Morning dew that doesn’t dry Leave...
Hour of Need
9 days ago
Hour Of Need : words and music David P Ireland I sat in the truck and I fired it up The dashboard screen was thunderstruck Bells and whistles, groans and bumps Swerving round the lanes, avoiding windb...
Hungry Tonight
2 months ago
Give me the key Give me the bunch The carnivores are ravenous Plotting their lunch The bones and the gristle Add to the crunch The animals are hungry tonight Key in the slot Tumblers are falling The D...