Darrell General II

I enjoyed reading and writing as an adolescent, but I found myself astray from my passion as I grew older attempting to appease others and be amongst social groups I had no place. I'm getting reacquainted with my roots; times are changing.

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4 months ago
The past won’t anchor me I will live out my dreams. My hopes will blossom into blessings, believe in me. Who will be walking with me? I wonder who will be by my side. I’m trying to build a love that w...
Getting Serious
4 months ago
The pain of my past has no business in the present. I can’t live with hope for the future if I can’t allow myself to let go of the past. Growing is the byproduct of shedding the hull of our former sel...
Should I Believe
8 months ago
The due date is arriving It’s time for something to finally change Feels unusual, theirs a slight discomfort in my brain Things seemed so set in stone Guess I ignored what I was feeling, but after a w...
Moment in Time
8 months ago
Felt like a fight for my love I was working in a club Everyday a new face lusting after me wondering what my intentions might be I was just trying to keep my head on straight Four years down the drain...
8 months ago
Room full of growth but the walls barely know Painted my story on the ceiling as if a mirror hung above My art's a reflection of my feelings an escape from all my dealings It takes time to gain some h...
Lines Have Edges
8 months ago
Feeling like I’m on a peak but my body isn’t where my mind sees Wishing that the energy would comfort me Trusting something you haven’t seen is hard on belief Well I’ll be the example cameras on They ...