Darcy Kerrigan

Yes, I want to know your sign.

Insta: @darcdog22

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Little Owl Clock
3 months ago
“It’s okay to sleep in,” The little owl clock said to her. Its fake owl eyes bouncing back, and forth back, and forth and back with the seconds. Owls are wise, especially this one. It comforted the sl...
The Power of Nothing
4 months ago
Nothin' is harder to do than nothing. I spoke to a navy lieutenant, he told me the punishment for the sailors under his command was to sit, and do nothing. Perhaps it is because anyone joining the mil...
The Sitting Tree
4 months ago
Ever look at a tree that is completely still? No blossom or bud stirring. It’s magic, really. Able to completely sit still, completely still. And there I was, awake before everyone, and standing outsi...