Daniel Cole

Author and artist, I'm finding my spirit again late in life. Old passions for poetry borne of love, loss, hope and pain, things with which everyone is familiar. 

The Mariner
2 months ago
Moored to crumbling dock, besieged isle ablaze A backdrop dim of ember and ash on thoroughly ransacked village Knuckles cracked to bone, fingers wrapped like cord Round desperate blade that chews away...
The Cut
a year ago
Something caught my eye A subtle glint in passing Or wishful thinking ... Stretching out the days Lengthening long, lonely nights From potent yearning ... That song was on point Reverberating my soul ...
Thus Trudge the Berwac
2 years ago
The Berwac slumps, its breath heaves the dawn A bellowed call wobe through bone and sinew Outstretched, its maw agape to silent scream Do crackle, do creak, do rage, do pity This beast abides, but how...
Cry of the Abyss
2 years ago
Heard a cry from the abyss Down, down I sought to save Farther on than rising mist Heard a wail that came in waves I carry on to that descent Because of courage I am its slave Heard a groan that night...
Lost Time
2 years ago
The minutes stole away from me, I pressed to slow it down I wanna thank my lucky stars but don't recognize this town I tore away at the midnight sky just to see a new sunrise Praying for another day j...
2 years ago
Make me over a stone on the roll, trample and shake off old moss The waste and detritus, it flies away, a most agreeable loss Burnished and polished old bones, sharp edges shorn like quartz Over and u...