Dani Lopez

Christian Feminist| Writer| Singer| ENFJ

What I've Learned
2 years ago
I've learned a few things in the last couple months. I've learned that sprite is the universal soft drink. It's just is. Think about it. I learned that donuts are good at any time of the day. I've lea...
Things People Have Said About Me
2 years ago
People have always called me funny. Whether it was because my laugh could instantly make anyone chuckle or because I always have a sassy or sarcastic comeback to any comment. I am always the girl stil...
2 years ago
I've never been scared of many things. I've tended to understand what things could and couldn't hurt me. My biggest fear in life has always been, Heights. The thought of looking over the top of a skys...
Still I Will Rise
2 years ago
Your affection swallowed me. It swallowed me like a wave swallows the sunshine on a breezy Sunday afternoon. Over and over again without ceasing I was engulfed by your compliments. Like clockwork the ...