Dan Falkovich

i think, a little;

too much?


Sad: Okay
7 months ago
your persistence defines you for who you really are. it is the property of matter that makes up every part of you. without persistence, you would be nothing. you would cease to exist, as many of us al...
I Am Not a Writer
7 months ago
I am not a writer. I am a thinker. my mind is a pencil, and my thoughts are the paper. I write not for others, but myself as a whole. as for me, my thoughts are nothing but crucial. but for you, my th...
The Watchers
2 years ago
do you ever wonder; why, or where? of course you do. you’re human. everything you say and everything you do is constantly being watched- and who are the watchers? you are the watchers. you yourself ha...