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6 months ago
I had wanted us Since I first laid eyes on you Since we first held hands Since we first kissed I had wanted us I had wanted late nights baking cookies Dancing in the living room To silly music A white...
We Could
8 months ago
And so we message back and forth A curious banter Of weird questions and unusual quirks What's your favorite color? Who's your favorite actor? And Yet We could talk about deeper things. The things lur...
10 months ago
Today I thought about writing my goodbye note Would it be sweet and full of I love you. Or even "it isn't your fault". Or would there be blood Lining every page A detailed list to how and why How I wa...
Against Me
10 months ago
And I'd always have to drag her back Nails against chalkboard, Hair pulled against will Even though she wanted to stay Skin raging against skin Words thrown against my feelings Hatred of kindness and ...