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Soul Ties
7 days ago
Your spirit has been etched into my soul. Tattooed into my very being. This is making it impossible to let go of you. You are weighing me down. Mind, body and soul. I have no control over this attachm...
Can't Carry This Weight
8 days ago
I keep a diary so that I can transfer some of this energy to the pages. It is too much for me to carry alone. Too heavy for me to hold. My emotions have been too fragile to handle. CAUTION! proceed wi...
Asexual Connection
9 days ago
I still love you without the extra. Without the kisses or the tester. Under any moonlight. As long as we're happy. As long as the mood is right. This is an asexual attraction. We don't need any change...
Summer Days
11 days ago
My favorite time of year is the summer. I love the sunshine and the way it kisses my skin. Only one area I can never win. These unevenly tanned chocolate brown. I always make sure I take water on my r...
13 days ago
Imagine feeling the sparks I do. I really wish you knew. Like fireworks in the sky. And not because it's the 4th of July. This is something I feel even in June. I get ecstatic knowing I'll see you soo...
Wounded Heart
15 days ago
I've gotten permanent scares from things you said shouldn't hurt me. I have bullet wound holes in my heart. I would never survive the surgery. I could bleed out. My right chamber has mostly "accidents...