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Hearts Extraordinaire Synchronized to the One True Love
2 years ago
Was our meeting here In this time and in this place A mere chance happenstance Or was it a star aligned fate A shared set destiny I cannot say, one way or the other Nor does it matter, if the truth be...
Love in the Mind but Not in the Body or Soul
2 years ago
I've got a woman on my mind She seems to have made a home in there Redecorating from left to right Today she put up some new curtains And has plans to stay all night I have feelings for this woman Yes...
Basking in the Glow of an Eternal Love's Flame
2 years ago
Nestled down Just you and me In a moment of time Candlelit dreams Coming true We kiss, we cuddle As the fireplace flames Crackle in syncopated rhythm But this fire is no match For the fire burning Ins...
The Reality of Love Now, The Fanciful Dream of Love in Time
2 years ago
It's late at night And I'm thinking of you As I so often do When I'm alone As I so often am When my imaginative mind Wonders what it would be like To have you here with me Loving you in the sense of r...
Can You Put Your Faith In Me
2 years ago
I can't say I understand what you've been through No one person can say that of another Pain is not the same, never exactly the same For another as it is for you Hurt is unique and affects us all in d...
Introversion as a State of Mind, as a Way of Being
2 years ago
Introversion is not a perversion It is a state of mind, a way of being Different from what is supposed to be Different from what is expected of you I think carefully before I speak I don't just talk f...