Courtney Gross

I am a mother with a creative mind. One that wanders through thick waters and soars the sky. I also like movies, books, and other stuff. (:

She Wonders
9 months ago
She then laid out her hand and took his with an admiring look. She couldn’t muster the words to say and that’s when it hit her all at once. She needed to tell him, explain to him, show him everything ...
The Next Step
a year ago
This day was unsuccessful. Sebastian knew that his attempts at writing would be flawed. He never thought it would have been this bad though. The writer’s block seems to be never-ending. So he created ...
Writer's Block
a year ago
She sits and listens. To the world around her. The chaos. The peacefulness. Everything co-existing. She has her notebook in hand, Her favorite pen, Her favorite place. Yet, Aryan can’t find the words....