Courtney Erin

My life in a nutshell: small town living, my fiancé, music, God, and an obsession with poetry...literally obsessed

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Cassia's Mind
9 months ago
I think about him often; the way things used to be. Like back in the borough when we would meet on the hill, And share our words. Nobody knew and I liked it that way. Our forbidden words were heard on...
Goodbye Kiss
9 months ago
If you all gather ‘round I’ll tell to you a tale, Of a beautiful woman named Margaret S. Hail. This pretty maid was as sweet as any, Though her family name never held a penny. Still her eyes did spark...
Help Me Escape
9 months ago
Anger is all I feel. Trapped in a mind that is not my own. Every decision haunted by my soul. My dreams shattered by the rocks in my head. Confused I scream out, Frustrated I cry. How do you go on, in...
9 months ago
Is this how the world perceives you? Defines you as though you are some foreign creature? You hear a voice that is not your own and suddenly you are crazy? Filled with insanity? You are deranged? Why ...
9 months ago
My flesh burns as another drop rolls down. My skin swollen, Flaming, Damp. The tissue no longer feels soft as it brushes away the hurt. Its’ rough edges cutting into me, Setting me a blaze. My pain no...
9 months ago
The idea of peace is non-existent as your restless body tosses. Time seems to last an eternity. You hear tick, tock, tick; Slowly driving you to the edge. You can feel the insanity creep in as your mi...