Connor Blakeborough

Currently living in Hamilton, Canada. 

Huge fan of poetry, coming of age stories, and hip hop. Hope you enjoy the posts!

The Reasons I Ask
12 days ago
I find myself asking what's the point in my head quite often I never have an answer for myself, just reasons to keep asking My family is a reason to keep asking For all the love and effort they shower...
The Family Dog
3 months ago
My family always had a dog My mother, brother, and I He would sit by the door and pounce on your lap Breath heavy with smells of canned meat Tail wagging with excitement My family pitied it but I knew...
Three Things to Live For
7 months ago
I've lived my life in search of three things: One: The gentle kiss of a caring lover. The electricity of her lips, the tenderness of her smile as we share a moment of silence for the lovers we've left...
Lie to Me
7 months ago
I can't stand the picture of your smile It clenches my fists and grinds my teeth Your eyes Glistening like the stars Your hands Soft as Aphrodite’s Your lips Mysterious like the shadow of the figure D...
A Young Boy's Encounter with Him
9 months ago
I could spend days describing the locks you put around my ankles The cracks you put in the foundation of my character You chiseled away at me with your rough hands Covered in the dried up tears of tho...
When the Hurt Is Over
10 months ago
Alone I sit, on this warm summer night Sun tucked away, not a shadow in sight When a breeze hits my chest, and causes me to shudder I cross my arms tightly, one over the other This ritual comes nightl...