Cobe Wilson

I am a graduate of the College of Coastal Georgia (Brunswick, GA). I hold a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from this school. I am currently attending Walden University Online for a Masters of Science in Psychology. Gamer, writer, poet.

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Within a Desert Lamp of Gold
2 days ago
When the world folds I will hold All the stories that have been told From time to time and place to place, Within a desert lamp of gold. When all the oceans, Dried before the blazing sun, Cease to swe...
A Sonnet for My Love
7 days ago
When I see the radiant glow That befalls your soft toned face When to me you willfully show Your glorious grace. You are all I desire With your bright white innocent heart and soul My love for you bur...
Snowy Days and Candle Flames
7 days ago
I love winter. The cold, biting air. The snow that falls with no sound. The bright sun’s glare From the white, frozen ground. I love winter. It makes every door an entry way Into a warm and cozy lair....
8 days ago
N.E.U.R.O.D.I.V.E.R.S.I.T.Y. Never-ending Epitaph of Unrestrained Resourcefulness. An Obfuscatory Dynamic Involving Variation, Empathy, Reality and, Sanity. Imagination. Transformation. Yourself. The ...
8 days ago
Listen to the rustling of the leaves. Listen to the babbling water of the crystal-clear river. Listen to the song that is carried aloft by the wind across the nations. Listen carefully because if you ...
Me, Myself, and I
9 days ago
What is it... To be Me? Is it to lose a loved one? Or to know a broken heart? Does it mean to feel The crushing weight Of sadness day to day? Or feel the pain of love and loss And slowly drift away? I...