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Not Running, Not Anymore
2 months ago
A soft yet beautiful birth To a pair of loving parents Full of promise, the babe holds But wait, none can rejoice For a threat is fast approaching And they have no time to lose If the babe is to make ...
The Unguided Missile
3 months ago
The rocket, the missile Launched from the base Its intentions unclear Blasting high into the sky Towards a great unknown It can save those in peril It could destroy all in its path But we do not know ...
The Monsters That Draw Near
3 months ago
The beasts walk down the path Seemingly unwavered, unopposed All those who attempt to stand in their path crumble to the ground But hark! Hear the heroes come forth They stand their ground, leaving th...
The Campground
3 months ago
The dying embers of originality Soon to be snuffed by the waters of rehashed content The new fire set ablaze by the short-lived sparks of passion The campground of creation lively with vessels of crea...