christopher sturtivant

I'm a poet & writer studying in Nottingham. I love Frida Kahlo, my dog and not-shutting-up. I hope you find something in my poetry. My debut collection, 'until i see you again', is available on amazon in the link below:

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4 months ago
The motor way streetlights make passage across the planes of your sleeping face: in ten second repeated sweep they cast you in all the shapes that it takes, lids in dark, lashes in light, the cup of y...
Pluto in Retrogade
9 months ago
Moon, glimmering, please touch me. Put me in a dress, force as you do the tide, the arms of my watch backwards. You are pale to me now, light and pale and thin, all the distant film of sunlight tracin...
Come Closer If You Are Cold
9 months ago
I did not know I had the water always too hot Until you said so, naked in the shower, My flesh tiptoeing the edge of pink to scarlet; I only flinched away when you pointed it out And I have been turni...
9 months ago
And we are the fruits of our labour; where once I tried being sweet is realisation no effort was required. I asked you to kiss me (hard) so as to take as the lemon against your teeth all that is bitte...