Christopher Sims

Christopher D. Sims is a an artist who writes poetry, performs spoken word, and plays the hand drum, wooden flute, and the African guitar. 

He uses his writing, speaking, and activism for social justice movements and peace efforts. 

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A Poetic Ode to Nipsey Hussle
3 months ago
All you Wanted Was a better world for your people, your hood, access to what is wholesome, and good. Access to healthy foods, knowledge, and information is what you knew we of the darker hue deserved....
Movement Revolution
3 months ago
The movement is swift. A gift from the revolutions of Earth, the universe. A body hits The floor; gives birth to a new move, a new way to rotate, a new way to glide. It is exercise and art combined; a...
How to Love a Black Woman
3 months ago
Study Africa Or travel there. Prepare conversations with your mother, your aunts, your sisters that are proximate, impacting, powerful. Approach them with gentleness and listen, listen. Become a spong...
Applaud the Poet
3 months ago
Applaud The poet. Applaud his blood, sweat, tears. Applaud his twenty-one Years of writing, performing, expressing, traveling, unraveling the reason behind his rhyme. Applaud The poet. Applaud his min...
Stop a Bullet with a Poem
7 months ago
Stop A Bullet with A Poem If I could stop a bullet with a poem I would. If I could save one life with a poem I would. I’d throw each word like a disk or a shield aiming straight at bullets from 45s an...