Christopher O'Sullivan

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Hope in a Smile
2 days ago
Working on short time Searching for a rhyme Or reason how I am feeling now I have been drifting for so long I thought my life was ro be wrong Then she appeared from out the blue And such great desires...
8 days ago
I've been running on empty So I use a pick me up It is keeping me going It refills the empty cup And it worked well for a while Allowed me to continue But I always needed more So I could keep getting ...
Seeking a Start
8 days ago
Giving up a little smile I have been here for a while And even though I am sad Things really are not that bad It has started looking good Just like I knew that it would I was hoping for a win So that ...
Into the Quiet
8 days ago
Oftentimes I ponder What lies in the wild yonder Is it just another test One more chance to prove whose best Or is it long needed stay A place to stop and delay If challenged, I rise to fight Step for...
Walking It Out
8 days ago
Oftentimes I walk alone To listen to my musings Taking in all around me Looking for all the new things Gazing at the world around The things, places, and people This is what I most worship Where I wou...