Christopher O'Sullivan

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What May Come
9 days ago
I have little thought or fear Of things that can befall me I have lost so many things And yet gained all I can see Life ebbs and flows so quickly Some times give and others take To try to have everyth...
The Bloom of the Evening
11 days ago
Everything you do to me Enticing me with beauty Dazing senses with your scent Making me come where I went Soft touch of petal on skin I don't know where to begin Or, in fact, just where to end Feeling...
Vagabond's Hopes
a month ago
I cannot seem to sit still So I wander where I will Always looking for somewhere Bouncing around with no care I am cursed with wanderlust Voyaging because I must Always on the hunt for more Disappear ...
Inner Fire
2 months ago
I have something inside me That burns so very brightly A feeling that I am good Doing everything I should I seek it when I feel pain For a way to push again To triumph over my fear And protect what I ...
Missed Opportunity
2 months ago
I fell in love at first sight Lost all reason and ration Never will forget that night Was overcome with passion Had to keep my head on clear Didn't want to come on strong Never thought it a mistake Bu...
To A Lost Friend
2 months ago
I think about those moments The ones that we left behind Our pleasant little glances Back when your eyes were still kind The talks we had seemed endless We always had more to say Keeping all in confid...