Chloe Urquhart

I enjoy Creative Writing, reading, road running, walking, nature, listening to music, cooking, swimming, pétanque and spending time with family and friends. I also like cats. Feel free to like and share :)

Autumn Is the Best
a year ago
Autumn is the best, Better than the rest, That’s all I can think of when you put me to the test, Thinking can make you miserable, But autumn can make it colourful… Autumn was the season my mother’s go...
Preserve the Hearts
a year ago
Go if you want too. I’ll be right here, Go if you have to. I’ll always be near, Go if you need to. You’ve nothing to fear. I’m staying, I’m staying put. You know I’m right here If something gives you ...
Moon and Star Metaphors
2 years ago
I am: A diverse shape Which floats through the sky. Points stick out awkwardly, My species flash at me If I happen to crash Or cover them in ash. But you applaud me, Calling them gaudy When they flash...
Read Me
2 years ago
Do you see what I did there? I captured your attention, Climbed the oak like a bear, It worked like a magical invention. You expect to find something interesting, It is imagination I am testing, Preci...
Flow with the Stream
2 years ago
You want me to be wild like the sea, But I don’t think I’ve got that in me. Although I long to see the coral, It’s too fast for me. Don’t get me wrong: I like to be free, But I can’t take the current ...
Autumn Love
2 years ago
Forget Summer Love, I want an Autumn Love. I can imagine what he looks like, his fiery strands of hair tipped with gold, his eyes a captivating earthy brown or a deep forest green. He will be as stron...