Cheyenne Reuter

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3 days ago
Feminism works to enhance women's rights and the betterment of their futures. Men who rape women defy rights and ruin futures. Women have the opportunity to rise up and defend one another and stand fo...
If I Die Now
2 months ago
If I die now Plant my body with a maple Let my ashes be the leaves So they blow away in autumn Scattering for miles across the dried grass And let the blood that once ran through my veins Puddle aroun...
In Death
3 months ago
They’ve sunken deep into her skull And washed away into the cool ocean Buried themselves in the sand Under the coral and among the shells They rest above dark circles Of age and exhaustion and sorrow ...
In Time
4 months ago
Her eyes like sand dunes Speckled with dust Enclosed in wrinkles Doors that shut me out They lie in front of forgottenness A nearly empty hole Lost of all its memories A simple shell of the past Times...
4 months ago
I will not tell you about the boy who cheated on me. There is no reason for you to know. I never went out with him last night. We weren’t alone in that white pick-up truck. Steam was not climbing the ...
At Night
6 months ago
it’s not that there isn't sound it’s a hallowed sound a head full of thoughts humming low like static on a radio the heartbeat of the house maybe it’s breathing or walking banging pipes, running water...