Cheryl E

Cherylhas been writing poetry and stories and poetry since age 12. She was also a newspaper columnists for 10 years. She is an advocate for natural cures and a licensed minister:

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Darkness Could Not Comprehend Your Light
3 months ago
An ever glowing stream of grace and mercy When others left me You remained Even when I fell short You forgave me Your love is unconditional Even when darkness tried to hide Your light You shine in my ...
Morning Glory
3 months ago
The early riser gets the prize A view of the dawning of day Darkness rolling back As sunlight meets the sky The morning dew kisses the grass A gentle fog fills the chilly air The fresh scent of mornin...
Water Falls
3 months ago
Cool refreshing and satisfying I drink in your wondrous beauty Always flowing on the go No beginning no end constant movement Clean clear crisp Free and f pollutants Deep breaths take in your purified...
Just One Look
3 months ago
Glittering shimmering shining and new Just once glance and I fell in love with you Glamorous magnificent so pretty and bold More precious to me than 14 carrot gold Just one look and I was gone You wai...
Gracefully Aging
3 months ago
Age is only a number Kick up your heels and dance Run jump celebrate Whenever you get the chance You are only as old as you think Bring out your inner child Run barefoot in the grass Let your imaginat...
Strong Women Survive
3 months ago
Resilience to persevere is in the DNA They find the silver lining I each new day They survive the trials that take others out They have faith when those around them doubt Pushing past failure they kno...