Chelsea Winona

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Denim Reminders
10 days ago
I saw an article the other day about a mother no longer loving her body. She said that now when she looks in the mirror all she can do is turn away. At the end of the article, she realized how much sh...
17 days ago
I wish to be the writer at Starbucks. Laptop opened. Latte in hand. and life so put together. Instead I am here. and my life has never been a perfectly crocheted blanket. Each loop perfectly wrapped a...
Cupid's Arrows
25 days ago
Has anyone ever thought about shooting Cupid in the ass? No? Just me? He's a pretty irresponsible guy. He's shot arrows at my eyes. So when I looked, I did not see the person behind the smile. And he'...
25 days ago
On the days I don't feel like talking. Please continue speaking to me, Because I feel like my life is quicksand and You are keeping me from going under. And on the days I don't feel like being around ...
The Butterfly Lens
a month ago
What is your first thought when you catch someone staring at you? Do you coil back into yourself, like a snake that is too afraid to show his face? Or do you get angry? Upset even, that someone has th...
Stale Rice Cakes and Oatmeal
a month ago
On the anniversary of what would have been seven years i wish him all the unpleasantries of life. I wish him endless traffic, stopping at EVERY red light. I wish him soda without carbonation. I wish h...