Charlene Ellison

I am a new graduate of Bachelor's in Liberal Studies. I love to express emotions through creative writing leaving individual's a positive thought even out of a bad situation!

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Hate the Game
5 months ago
When a woman falls in love with a man she sees qualities in him that later she can see growth Unfortunately, some men are in love with the idea of being loved yet do not fully know how to love They se...
5 months ago
Women Strong or Broken People look at each other in judgement of another individual life and the way they chose to live Everyone’s path is not the same yet some frown upon the choices you produce They...
5 months ago
Everyone starts with an idea or a thought of what they want to be in life through a vision However, not all visions are carried out and people live their lives building other individuals dreams The st...
Failure Stories
8 months ago
I have failed at some things throughout my life and it took me up’s and down’s I could not hold my head up because I had failed myself once again Yet every time there was a setback it was directing my...
Two Sides to a Story
9 months ago
It is said that no matter how much it hurts they say tell the truth I agree with honesty is the best policy, yet everyone was not raised right So, they leave pain like a bad aching tooth Be a man…Be a...
Winning Involves Losing
10 months ago
Have you ever thought that what you lost was disturbing and you should have won? Life is unpredictable in that the adventures we travel teaches and humbles us It allows us to appreciate losing so we k...