Chantal Arko-Dadzie

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Rubies from the Instrument
5 months ago
My eyes illuminate the edge As they stare back at me. The hazel blending into the silver instrument. The instrument blending into my brown Earth. The brown Earth blending into my crimson rubies As the...
5 months ago
I felt no remorse They condemned me and cursed me But still, I felt nothing They showed me the silent corpse The withering creature she had come to be And yes it was my doing But still, I felt no remo...
Hell for the Mind
5 months ago
I find that our souls are woven with the very nature of our memories Hell is every nightmarish ordeal we have undergone, Playing in our heads on a loop Each memory worse than the last Over and over ag...
The Yellow Brick Road
5 months ago
Brightly goes The yellow brick road Winding up the lake that froze Round the bushes of dainty rose To the town that no one knows Which sits at the end of the yellow brick road There the children play ...
Our City
a year ago
It's funny how the relationships and friendships That shape us, influence us, inspire us, create US Are also the most fragile things in the world. They are like flowers really Beautiful, uplifting, ca...