Cecilia + her tilted moons


🎼songstress + child of the moon🌙

Saturday Night
4 months ago
and I got drunk by myself on a Saturday night watching people and I sang to myself on a Saturday night and suddenly that Saturday was over and suddenly that Saturday was over words were spitted out on...
La Baroque
4 months ago
She was a maiden of good honour but never amused Always stayed in her doomed manor with nothing to do -Lulli lullay- sang the maiden to her flowered vase Languished lament fading from her bowel away S...
Lemonade Tears
4 months ago
Lemonade tears are like Marmalade fears: coated up in your wildest imaginations Fruity shells of your smallest acts of compassion You, you didn't know what was going to happen, you kept dreaming, crea...
A Hidden Bloom
4 months ago
A Hidden Bloom among all those faces sadly passed me by, unaware And I, like a river in an ocean full of sand, hunched my back and crushed in the waves Feel the rain coming right through me -Oh, how I...