CD Turner

I write stories and articles. Sometimes they're good.

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To What End?
9 months ago
To what end, Do the bullets pierce; The unsuspecting, The innocent hearts, Blood upon the temple walls. To what end, Such hatred stems; The children lie In heaps, unthinking Trapped souls Rent of life...
My Story in Verse
9 months ago
Have I been blind, For all this time? Kept from the world, Behind safe Bible lines. “The world will lead you astray,” But I was falling from faith Long before I Gave up the race. I felt like a gerbil ...
...But God Loves You Anyway
9 months ago
Paint your lips into a smile So that they don’t see your pain. It’s unladylike to frown And blasphemous to His Name. You should be overwhelmed with joy That He gave you another day! And yet you cry li...