CD Turner

I write stories and articles. Sometimes they're good.

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Little Doll
2 months ago
I will put on the dress Pink lace and frills Tight as you like With stockings and heels. I will never leave you I'll never age I will not fight As you let out your rage. Pre-Chorus: Close all the wind...
Life Is Never Lasting
3 months ago
I teeter on a knife edge Above the swirling vortex At the beginning of creation At the end of civilization. I fold into myself My skin is a tapestry Of my anguish A timeline Of sorrows rent. I cull my...
Bitter Little Thing
3 months ago
He wants me to sing of happy days... But I cannot see the sun for the gray. Misery loves company But you are no friend to me I'm not a vinyl record to be played. I don't feel like singing happy songs ...
I'm Just Fine
3 months ago
I see my Facebook feed of friends Are they actually my friends? I don’t talk to any contacts, Because I am afraid of them. Afraid of rejection Afraid I’ll annoy them, Afraid that I’ll embarrass myself...
To What End?
3 months ago
To what end, Do the bullets pierce; The unsuspecting, The innocent hearts, Blood upon the temple walls. To what end, Such hatred stems; The children lie In heaps, unthinking Trapped souls Rent of life...
My Story in Verse
3 months ago
Have I been blind, For all this time? Kept from the world, Behind safe Bible lines. “The world will lead you astray,” But I was falling from faith Long before I Gave up the race. I felt like a gerbil ...