Cathylouise Ablett

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Professional writer, mother and wife. I've been living with a long term chronic condition for nearly 22 years. When I'm not writing, I spend time with my family, I enjoy walking the dog and attending live, mainly local gigs.

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Bad Day
5 months ago
My chair’s too hard, My back’s too sore, My teeth are hurting More than before. The light’s too bright, The sky too dim. The room is too quiet, But I can’t hear for the din. My head won’t shut up, The...
Born Sleeping
a year ago
Gone Too Soon
Politely I Declined
a year ago
A knight in shining armour, Approached me in the morn, Bade me climb behind him, On his valiant steed of white, He promised me a castle, Golden chains and jewels too, If only I would ride behind him; ...
I Stand with the Poor
a year ago
Those on the Edge of Society
London Is Open
a year ago
London is open, It really is true, Open is the heart, Of the red, white and blue. But colour doesn’t matter, In the city of grey, No one really cares, If you’re bi, straight or gay. The colour of your...