Caterina Greentree

Just trying to share my life, experiences and ideas with the world to make it a little better!! 

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To Be a King for a Day
8 days ago
What must it be like To live in a world Where you are king Where you are treated With respect and dignity Without having to fight for it A world where you can look at a woman Even say a flirtatious co...
Reviving Myself
13 days ago
I had to kill a part of myself To survive in their world I had to play the part At least to the best of my abilities. They didn’t care it left me dead on the inside My heart turned grey Like a rotten ...
Things I Wish Someone Had Told Teenage Me
16 days ago
First off, I wish someone had told me Your eyebrows are terrible Your natural ones While slightly bushman like Are luscious And unique Save yourself the time and energy And leave them the fuck alone ....