Carrie Moran

I take photos to remember / I write to forget

instagram: @sillycarrs

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Nine Pairs (Needled)
2 months ago
Today I would say a four to five (relief) No, some days it’s close to ten (memory) I don’t like to take pharmaceuticals (trepidation) It was mainly for the depression (symptom) This weekend I had a da...
The Day of Rousing Vigor
2 months ago
How many loves have I thought Into the locked cage in my chest, I can rest for awhile; while away Your face grows sweeter and strange. My memories are slate fog drowning Cold autumn nights from the gr...
This Is a Tractor Pull
3 months ago
do you remember that night we were drinking wine in my kitchen playing word games that started silly got serious when it took so long just to get through our ABCs how by the time we got to the middle ...
4th of July
10 months ago
my country tis of greed i haven’t slept right for weeks like my dreams can’t decide what it means to be american i have a heart & i bleed & i breathe just like all the other faces passing me on every ...