Carmen Portillo

Poetic mind with a wanderlust heart 

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a year ago
My mom told me not to let him go. She said that she had seen me in the arms of multiple people in the past few years and none have made me shine the way he did. She said I was a tsunami and my waves w...
Then You Left
a year ago
You left your mark on me. And I do not mean teeth marks and scratches. I mean stretch marks and bruises on my heart and soul from all the ways you bent me out of shape to change me to your liking. At ...
Half of a Whole
a year ago
I met a boy once. Our souls were so in sync, it seemed that we were a single being existing in fragments divided among two physical bodies. Where I lacked, he excelled. When I gave, he would receive. ...
You Will Write
a year ago
Inspiration will come to you when you least expect it. Inspiration will ink your pen and smear your paper. You will write about things you have never experienced. You will write things you don’t belie...