Callum Foulds

I am a poem writing, music making, Witch!

Talk Softly
10 months ago
Talk softly Otherwise wake me Tell me how you feel Set me free Speak softly Don’t wake me Keep me from my bed My sheets make me scream Close the window Quickly shut your blinds Compare this to mine It...
For Southwold Old
10 months ago
Two girls skipped in front of a moving car; As we cycled down the harbour my Youth fled with every push of the pedal. I finally found what I was looking for from here; And what that is, Is leaving me ...
Orange City Night-Life
10 months ago
Orange city night glow Makes me nervous Trees are better to reflect The sky night light; The moon off the wet roads Shining off the base of the palm of leaves, On a Sunday morning. A leaky gutter and ...
Love Letter to Autumn
10 months ago
Pondered on a love letter To my favourite season And wondered how would it manifest, In the cold, when I prey it’s freezing. The precise nature of stringing the right words Makes my skin sizzle So I w...
I Shared a House With What Makes Me Truly Happy
a year ago
I ran with the beautiful man in makeup being so afraid, the bombs getting closer and closer towards someone I once loved. The endless road stretched far into the side of the hill, a bunker room filled...
The First Year
a year ago
The tragic air of someone you love, Expels the fiery and watery deaths, And instead attracts a much simpler end. Missing the first light night of summer. The birds never fed decide to go someplace els...