Callum Foulds

I am a poem writing, music making, Witch!

I Shared a House With What Makes Me Truly Happy
a month ago
I ran with the beautiful man in makeup being so afraid, the bombs getting closer and closer towards someone I once loved. The endless road stretched far into the side of the hill, a bunker room filled...
The First Year
2 months ago
The tragic air of someone you love, Expels the fiery and watery deaths, And instead attracts a much simpler end. Missing the first light night of summer. The birds never fed decide to go someplace els...
The Idol Minds
2 months ago
The heels are the ones. You can’t go on stage without heels, You’d have to be mad. But she is mad. Mad that she’s bound to this world, With the voice of a siren and the heart of a rose, She gets pulle...
Water World
2 months ago
I’ve spent the last few years perfecting my speech, Learning to emote eloquently Like leading the rapids through stones. I refuse to feel without meaning; The water doesn’t cut through without force s...
2 months ago
His boy through the kitchen With lights in his eyes and Fire in his walk Treads amongst the grit lain land With no life but his. Glaring from the spot I leech off the slight quiver in his smile. Resti...