Caleb Johnson

“Enquire no deeper than you need into what set these veins on fire, note simply that they bleed.” - Valentine Ackland

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Whitstable Kiss
2 months ago
I never thought I’d be the cliché But here to everyone’s dismay I see you behind my so closed lid And lack you more than I ever did The boy who took my heart for years But mourn for him I had no tears...
True Understanding
5 months ago
I am not afraid of you like others are, It is not you who takes my daily thoughts, I keep coating these lungs with tar, And no day I feel I’ve been taught. The pain I enquire is not so the same, That ...
7 months ago
Pebbles, not sand, hindered their feet. Drenched souls, so cold, yet passion they meet. Every cloud, every drop, meant to be. Just as truthful, in love, nearly. Lust is the way in which they went, No ...
9 months ago
Part 1 This new skin contains capacities unknown Realised bodies erotically overthrown, Disordered paths neurotically intertwined. Misconception stolen, severely underlined. Covetousness formed from w...
9 months ago
It is irresponsible when not controlled. Takes you where you never meant to go, but where it does, bliss. You wonder their mind as if your own, more welcome than itself. You take all it can give, cher...
a year ago
Head. I can give you I can fuck with you Sometimes it’s better to think with you I never want to be a crack you I can be a big you But that would make a me dick you and people would tell me to get you...